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Content Quality
Drives Engagement. 
I am an award-winning editorial director, editor, and author focused on helping companies, associations, and publishers create quality, useful, relevant content on a variety of digital and print platforms. This website showcases my work.
The Experience Delivers Results.

About Me

 I knew early that I was going to make content development a career.  I have had the opportunity to contribute and lead publishing teams across a variety of verticals and specialties in healthcare. One truth: Serving the information needs of readers drives measurable success. Doing it well is the art. 

I am looking for a terrific next career role or working with you on content-development projects to help improve and contribute meaningfully to a quality content program that aligns to your organizational mission and drives growth in the many ways it is measured.  I have had proven success with editorial/content strategy, developing multimedia tools to ignite marketing campaigns or to author reports, white papers or magazine cover stories.



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Seven Ways I will Help Your Organization

1. Multiply reader engagement
2. Business brand development
3. Short- and long-term strategies
4. Collaboration with external and internal thought leaders
5. Responsibly leverage technology (like AI/ChatGPT) to improve and help make content more discoverable
6. Research to measure success and share intelligence
7. Experiment and apply 
Take a look at my experience and accomplishments,

Focus Your Content Strategy

Building meaningful, relevant, and credible content remains a pillar for associations, media publishing, and other organizations... does creating an experience that allows readers/members to easily access a variety of content types to help guide them through the complexity of healthcare issues. 

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