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Media Samples

This page features examples of content development and writing samples for various organizations/media brands


American Dental Association

JADA+: How Artificial Intelligence Works in Dentistry

  • Expert authored content developed for digital resource

  • Video panel discussion

  • Curated clinical studies


American Dental Association
JADA+: Arginine and the Healthy Oral Microbiome
Sponsored by Colgate-Palmolive

  • Featured proceedings from lectures

  • Video presentations 

  • Other campaign highlights

American Dental Association/ADA News

Microsite featuring interviews and winners of the ADA Design Innovation Awards

  • Featured winners and finalists

  • Slide show presentations

  • Sponsorable digital assets



Successful Strategies for Value-Based Partnerships, from HFMA 2017 Executive Experience Session

(multiple authors)


Healthcare 2020: Four downloadable reports addressing major healthcare trends

(multiple authors)

  • Transition to Value

  • Consumerism

  • Consolidation

  • Transformative Innovation


Series of three reports covering HFMA's Thought Leadership Retreat, Washington, D.C.

(multiple authors)

  • 2017: Finding the Future of Value

  • 2016: Transforming Relationships to Transform Health Care

  • 2015: The Future of Patient Engagement

Lead Generation

American Dental Association/Vendor Showcase

The Evolution of Endodontic Therapy: How Innovative Technologies Have Improved Treatment Options


American Dental Association/Vendor Showcase
New Software Introduction: Invisalign Smile Architect


American Dental Association/Vendor Showcase

Treatment Solutions for Molar Hypomineralization

American Dental Association/Custom Content
The Right Financial Tools Help Dental Practices Provide Care

American Dental Association/Custom Content

Reinforcing the Importance of Fluoride Use for Lifelong Dental Health


American Dental Association/Custom Content

How Digital Payment Solutions Can Simplify and Improve the Patient Experience

Note: Additional articles protected by a paywall or unavailable online can be made available upon request.
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